Mayfield Project 2018

I’m off to Sydney today, for this year’s Mayfield Project workshop. I have been involved in this research program on and off for the past twelve years. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship.. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of behind-the-scenes organising. But I enjoy researching and learning about the industry we are in. The Project is a great opportunity to explore current learning design research and create real change for our learning spaces, by prototyping design solutions.

This year we are focusing on teacher learning and where learning happens, in the hope to be able to inspire new, more efficient, learning spaces. We have a really great group of young architects, landscape architects, planners, teachers and policy makers and I can’t wait to see what they are all going to bring to the table. We are working with the ever-inspiring NoTosh to develop our design thinking skills and help us develop tools to take any school on the design journey.

Every year the project evolves a little, and so it will be interesting to see what comes out of this one. I have a feeling this workshop will be quite intense, but a lot of fun and I look forward to increasing my knowledge and skills. We are lucky in our industry that there is always more to learn, and with that knowledge we can create more meaningful built environments.

Happy learning!

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