High Tide Fremantle

Has anyone else seen the beautiful High Tide Hub in Fremantle by Harris Architects? I finally got my first view of it proper last night. I remember HA presenting their concept of their sculpture/ place at 3 Over 4 Under last year and I saw them setting it up at the start of the Exhibition. And then I hadn’t had a chance to come back and see it until yesterday, I’m so glad it’s still there.

Firstly, the setting is fantastic, providing both an opportunity to see the whole piece from outside and allowing glimpses through to the space within. This feeling of it being both spacious and intimate at the same time created a moment to reflect, and I liked the scale used here to convey this feeling, not too big and not too small…

The regular rhythm of the vertical fins and the wave undulation running through the shape again providing this dichotomy of feeling – of being ordered and balanced, while also being natural and organic. I love the way HA has brought these things together in such a beautiful way.

My favourite part was standing inside and experiencing the convergent and emergent views as the outlook changes dependant on your interaction with the fins. They provide an open expansive view out to the ocean landscape, and nearly disappear in one direction. And then just one more step to the right and your completely enclosed in a timber cave, shut off from the world beyond. It was really quite magical.

The exhibition is still up for a bit longer I think , so I’d recommend you go check out this beautiful piece while you have the chance.

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