Big Birthdays

This year I had a big birthday. You know one of those ones with a zero in it? Scary stuff…. For years I have avoided my birthday, and rarely mention my age. But in a twist of fate this year we had to be back home for the weekend of my birthday and so I thought, why not celebrate? And I’m so glad I did. I had such an incredible weekend of catching up with people and celebrating with my beautiful friends and family.

Age is a funny thing. My perception of my age is so different to the reality. By forty I was supposed to be a ‘grown up’ and organised and serious. But that hasn’t hit me yet. I still run out of milk because I forgot to go to the shops. I still watch Harry Potter instead of documentaries. I still read the comics in the newspaper … So I’m not sure when this growing up is supposed to happen…

But you know what? I’ve achieved some pretty darn amazing things over forty years… I’ve lived in six different cities in three different states. I’ve finished two uni degrees, and a certificate II in a tricky language. I’ve designed and helped deliver numerous learning spaces and worked with some amazing people to do it. I’ve organised, planned and participated in five iterations of LEA’s international research program, and this year I helped organise a conference. I’ve loved, and lost, and fought and ventured and learnt. I’ve been near-sued, lived through two renovations, and bought a house all by myself. And I’ve finally given up on the checklist of what life is supposed to look like.

So I think that’s quite a few achievements so far… Wonder what I’ll get up to over the next forty years??!! 😏

Thanks everyone for an amazing weekend. (And thanks Jules for the incredible photo memories.

Happy celebrating!

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