Friday Riverwalk

After a hectic first week back at work this week, I journeyed a different way home. I hadn’t walked through the entirety of Howard Smith Wharves before, nor been on the New Farm River Walk, so thought I’d give them a try to the Sydney Street ferry terminal. It was so lovely. I can’t believe I haven’t done that before. And it was such a nice evening as well as the sun slowly set against the backdrop of the city. Although I did have my camera with me, I didn’t use it and took a bunch of photos on my phone.

The Howard Smith Wharves precinct was in construction when I first moved to Brisbane. I watched it develop and have visited less than a handful of times. Each time I’ve visited, a new area is open or changed somehow. Its a really popular, beautiful spot with a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars – whatever you’re looking for you can find it here. And although I wasn’t stopping its still a really nice place to walk through, with the unique combination of reused utilitarian wharf sheds, new buildings, isolated pavilions in garden and the incredible quarried stone backdrop. If you’re in Brisbane its definitely worth walking through, from the busy bar entry area through to the grassed courtyards and pavilions. And it is a fantastic vantage point to take in the city surrounds.

After my walk through the precinct, I headed along the New Farm Riverwalk. This 870m long shared boardwalk is really well designed, with ample space for pedestrians and cyclists (and the many roller skaters I saw too – is roller skating back, by the way??!!). Although it was well used both ways at that time of day, I never felt hurried or had to get out of the way of other travellers – its a great piece of design. It overhangs the Brisbane River for much of its length and you get a good opportunity to check out the amazing riverside homes and look back to the city. There are some great shaded rest spots too (but otherwise I wouldn’t want to do this walk in the heat of the day!).

So glad I found this alternative way home which takes me through such a lovely part of Brisbane. Now that was a good way to end the week.

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