Sketching Itch

Sometimes a design problem is like an itch that you just need to keep scratching. But in your brain. All The Time. Or is that just me? I like to figure things out and find solutions, and I generally do that with a pen in my hand..

When I bought this little house I had a plan to add an ensuite to convert this into a 3×2. But now I’m getting down to the bitty gritty of trying to fit everything in, I’m struggling. It’s a very small house. Which I like. Everything is all in one place and there’s not too much maintenance. It’s an incentive to not overburden spaces with clutter and stuff.

So I’ve been sketching and thinking and planning and trying to figure out how to squeeze more space out of this very small house. And obviously you can’t add a whole room in without losing something, so somewhere it has to give…

But sketching and planning and problem solving is my happy place, so I’ll just keep going… Onto option 682!

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